Get Contact Lenses in Colorado Springs, CO 

Contact lenses can be a convenient and confidence-boosting alternative to glasses for the right person. Still, it is essential to thoroughly understand how they work before deciding to try them. Here is an overview of who contacts might be a good fit for, what the process of getting them at our Colorado Springs optometry office looks like, and other things to know before taking this step in your vision care!

Contact Lens Exam in Colorado Springs, CO

What Are Contact Lenses? 

Contact lenses are a type of vision correction that rests directly on your eye. They are available in single-use and reusable options, and you can also get them in a shade that differs from your natural eye color. No matter which type works best for you, these lenses give you more control over your appearance when correcting your vision. 

What Happens at a Contact Lens Exam

Making sure your contact lenses fit you and are safe and comfortable to wear is an involved process. You will still need a regular eye exam to determine your prescription, which will look similar to what you would experience if you were solely interested in glasses. However, a contact lens exam supplements this information with additional tests that ensure that your contacts will work for you. During the exam, we will measure your eyes and evaluate your corneal health to determine what type of contacts are appropriate for you and make sure they fit the surface of your eyes perfectly. 

Who Can Wear Contact Lenses? 

Many people can wear contact lenses comfortably and without problems, but they are only a good fit for some. Contacts are generally not a good choice for young children, people that are not comfortable touching their eyes, or patients that have certain eye conditions, such as: 

  • Conditions like Blepharitis
  • Contact lens intolerance (inability to wear contacts without pain or other discomforts) 
  • Severe eye allergies
  • A unique prescription that does not work well for contacts

Your eye doctor will assess your situation to determine whether contacts are a good option for you before fitting you.

What Is the Process for Getting Contact Lenses

Getting contact lenses starts with determining your prescription and the fit of your contacts. You will then need to decide if you want single-use disposable lenses or contacts that can be replaced on a bi-weekly or even monthly basis. Once these details have been determined, you will receive a trial pair of contact lenses from our office, ensuring that their size, shape, and prescription work well for you before more are ordered.

Our highly trained staff will show you how to put your lenses in, take them out, and clean them correctly to help prevent injury or infection. Finally, you will wear your new lenses for approximately one week before returning for a follow-up appointment to assess whether your contacts are a good fit.

Why Do You Have to Have a Yearly Appointment for Contact Lenses

Your eye health can change significantly in as little as a year, and your current prescription may be less effective a year from now. While yearly eye appointments are also recommended for individuals that only wear glasses, making sure your contact lenses continue to fit the size and shape of your eyes is also an essential step in getting the most out of them. 

Choose Evergreen Optometry for Your Contact Lens Appointment in Colorado Springs

Getting your new contact lenses is exciting! We also prioritize safety and comfort throughout the process, which makes us a top choice among Colorado Springs, CO residents that are looking for a higher level of flexibility when it comes to vision care. Contact us today to learn more about whether contacts may be a good fit for you or to schedule an appointment!